Wednesday 17 May 2017

Emergency Puppy Washing

Remember me saying that as soon as we box dogs they poo everywhere, well yesterday a puppy out did itself. We thought we had got away with it, we thought none of the dogs had decided to poo in their boxes, however, there was a smell that followed me around. For once I had clean clothes on, so I knew it wasnt me, so I blamed the dog right in front of me and stated it had stinky farts, oh how wrong was I.

So, there we are checking dogs in, which takes a huge amount of patience, and the newbie check in girl asks to see the dog for the cabin. I pick up the cabin bag, unzip the end, to close it very quickly, the puppy in there had decided to poop and roll. OMG there was dog shit everywhere, the whole of the inside was covered, the puppy was covered, and I found where the smell was coming from!

We got through check in, and security with one batch of dogs, but I knew at some point this pup had to be got out of the bag. There was only one thing for it, we would have to bath the pup, in the bathroom. Whilst one of us took to the task of washing the pup in the sink, I fully unzipped the bag to see what we were dealing with. Somehow managing to spray the sinks, taps and mirror with puppy poop.

Although we had water, wipes and tissue, puppy poop always seem to be more sticky and toxic than normal dog poop. It was simply not coming off without a fight, poor pup had now been washed, and was currently under the hand dryer. Finally the poop was lifting, but the sink was filled with brown sludge, and the smell was delightful. I hoped to god no one normal walked in to use the toilets, and right on cue a lady walked in.

Looked at me, looked at pup, and said with a smile, are you anything to do with Pet Pals, now come on I know the smell is a give away but she must have been very clever to have known that. I replied "yep" and she followed ah you must be Louise, again why does everyone recognize me when I have poop everywhere.

A brief conversation later, and an apology for the poop everywhere, we realized we had been chatting online. Ten minutes later, one pup back in bag, all clean and dry, one bathroom fully cleaned, no would never have known we were ever in there, well apart from the lingering odor of puppy poop!

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