Tuesday 9 May 2017

Goat Hunting....

I am successful at finding many animals, and have spent hours searching, when given the right information, details, and even photos. However, when handed a map the other day of where a goat was, I was left without a clue. Come on people, landmarks, names, and even photos would be helpful, not a badly drawn map on a scrap of paper.

I am often found loitering in certain places, and Canary Tattoo is one, you will find me drinking coffee and moaning about the world. Why? because it has one of the best tattooist there, and two his wife works there, who listens to my moaning. So, people know there is a connection between me, and this place, and bring dog stuff, and crap maps for me.

A young guy walked in there the other day, before I arrived, and asked if they could help with goat. Now although the tattoo shop deals with a huge amount of different clientele, goats is not one! My friend is far more patient than me, and listened to this guy waffle about a goat in distress, and where it was. Now, she is crap with directions, and could in fact get lost walking from her house to the tattoo shop, therefore, a map was needed.

The guy set to work, red pen in hand, and drew me..... well a useless piece of crap! Yes it has the motorway on it, we all got that, and apparently the three blobs are trees. He did however, write GOAT very clearly so I knew exactly where the goat was... REALLY! I'm not going to lie, I looked at the map for at least 2 mins, and then carried on talking about crap.

I will help any animal, and will even climb mountains, cross busy roads, and wade through water to rescue them, but I need better instructions..... SO for the guy that drew the map, thanks for caring, but must try harder with the instructions next time!

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