Monday, 29 May 2017

If You Are in Animal Rescue You Will Understand

I receive a lot of messages everyday, and some are simply pointless, and I wonder why people even took the time to write the message. I actually do ponder, if they are writing just to wind me up, or if they genuinely do think they are right. The messages I am talking about are similar to these:

I want to adopt a dog, to save a life, however, it has to be under 6 months, a pure breed, weigh exactly 2.5 kg have short brown hair, and have specific markings. I want it to be fully house trained, have everything done to it, and know its name already. I want a FULL history on the dog from birth until now, and if you have no dogs like this, then I wont bother.

I want to donate some items to you, my dog no longer wants them, they are just some old things we had scattered round the house. There are several old moldy chew toys, a bowl with a crack in it, but if you pop some duct tape on it the bowl will work. I have also popped in some old blankets my dog has peed on a lot, and chewed up, I'm sure they will be of use to your dogs, well they are only rescue dogs! I also have some dog food that I opened in 2001 and left outside to get wet, but I'm sure its fine, just not to feed my dog. I dont need thanks, but make sure you mention me and my amazing act all over FB at least 15 times a day.

Can I adopt a dog? I don't have any money, or  a job to pay for vets care, buts its ok as I read you have paid for it all to be done already. I know you ask for a donation, but why should I pay, I am rescuing the dog, so surely its free to me?

I just found this dog, it was sat outside my house, if it was any other breed I would keep it, but I cant, and the strangest thing it recognizes my voice already, and is really friendly. Nope I have never seen it before, it just turned up. Why all the questions, you are an animal charity, which means you have to take it, and if you don't I will leave it somewhere, but here is 5€ to look after the dog that I saved, arent I amazing!

And they go on and on......... Please save your time, and efforts and simply dont bother in the future.

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