Wednesday 10 May 2017

Terrorist Ferret.....

A while a go the Chinese President was visiting the island, as you can imagine everyone was on high alert, with police and security everywhere. He was staying in one of the five star luxury hotels in Melonares, one of those ones I wouldn't dare step foot in as too smelly! Whilst staying there, the guardia had an emergency, with an one eyed, terrorist ferret.

In reception appeared a ferret, now this in itself was unusual, but he had one eye.... so obviously this made him a threat to the Chinese President. I agree a ferret in a five star hotel is strange, but taking the leap to terrorism was extreme. The guardia, locked down the hotel whilst they captured the suspect, and took him off for interrogation.

As ferrets tend not to speak, they found questioning him was hard, but they did decide to xray him, and check that he was not packed full of tiny explosives! After a few hours at the university, it was decided that the ferret was no threat (no shit Sherlock, I could have told you that) However, now the guardia had a new challenge, what to do with a one eyed ferret. Of course, call the crazy foreigner, she will take it.

So, the ferret arrived, delivered by the guardia, in a cardboard box, all tested and safe from explosives, I did feel better knowing I wasn't going to be blown up at some point!! Off he went to the vet, to have his eye or lack of eye looked at. Small operation later to stitch the socket up, and home again. Now what to call the litte guy, of course.... Mu Fasa was choosen :)

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