Sunday 21 May 2017

Nothing Of Value.....

I love my car, it was bought for me by my husband, and although she is old, she is reliable, sounds like me! The car has to be practical, and is used to carry a huge array of different items, including animals, feed, and furniture. There is often dog biscuits, scattered around, on a bad day puke somewhere, and on a really bad day dog poop can probably be found.

Apart from mess, and dog stuff there is nothing of value in my car, therefore, I tend to leave it unlocked everywhere I go. Before everyone plans to steal my car, think carefully, would you really want to be faced with cleaning the thing! The other factor is my car is worth the world to me, but probably around 1,50€ a button to other people.

People get stressed that I dont lock the car, but the way I look at it, if you are brave enough to venture inside my car then you deserve it. The comment you must have something in there of value, is often said, and I tend to laugh! Come on people not only do I have animals, but I have children they have taken everything of value, including my sanity.

If you dig through my car, you may find some treasures, like 400 shopping bags as I always forget if I have put any in the car, so I tend to put more in there every trip! There are dog leads, and dog food, treats, and toys. There are often jumpers, and scarfs, again a lot as I tend to leave them in the car, and forget to remove. There is also cling film, dog box bolts, and if you are really lucky ..... dog hair and straw!

My husband does despair some times, as my car is a tip, and it does have dog hair, and dried up vomit on the seats. He nags to get it cleaned, but to be honest there is no car cleaning company that would touch my car. So, if you ever see my car parked, and you notice that it is unlocked, please feel free to clean it as you pass!

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