Monday, 25 June 2018

It Is Not The Hilton

I often wonder what people expect when they hear the word kennel, as when they see photos of mine, or other kennels for that matter they are mortified. Now I know there have been some amazing "doggy hotels" appeared over the last few years, however, I am kennel not a hotel. I would love to provide the dogs with sofas, and flat screen TV's, however, the reality is they would destroy them in minutes.

The dogs that I rescue have come from the streets, or from pounds, therefore, all they care about is food, and a warm, dry bed. We give our dogs the basics, they all have beds, bedding, toys, in a clean, dry warm environment.

This is in my mind a step up from their life before, ok not all, as some have come from homes, however, for many of the dogs that come through my kennels these things they have never had before.

The harsh reality is that the dogs are in cages, big metal cages. Trust me anything less, the chewers would escape and cause chaos. I never lie about where the dogs are, or what they have, yet some people are shocked, even disgusted by this fact. A lady the other day messaged me to tell me that one of my dogs was living in squalor, and needed rescuing straight away. When questioned what caused her to say this, she directed me back to this photo.....
 Ahhhhhhh, the good old transport box for a bed debate..... she thought that this was disgusting and that our little Tiger Lily was going to die at any second. Apparently, that is squalor! She is not alone as fungus claims that my kennels are a hell hole, where dogs have to sleep in..... god forbid plastic transport boxes that we recycle when they cannot be used for transport any longer. 

Oh well, I personally feel that recycling is a great thing, my dogs have a clean, safe environment to adjust to the world, where they are loved, played with and fed. To be honest they don't ever seem traumatised by their experience here, and to me that is all that matters. 

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