Friday 29 June 2018

Love and Time is All They Need

All they need is love and time..... when you give a rescue dog these two things you will see an amazing transformation. The changes that happen are profound, and you will be amazed how you will feel knowing you were part of that. Once you take a dog from a place of sadness, fear and often confinement, and give them love, praise and freedom, they will thrive.

Yet, so many people cannot seem to work this simple equation out, and demand trainers, and behaviorists, when in reality all your new dog wants is you. Over the years I have learnt that dogs are not that complex, and love, and time are amazing healers. If you take the time to look beyond the surface, and be compassionate you will surprise yourself.

You need to spend the time unlocking the puzzle of their past, and think about the journey that brought them to you. Every dog is different, some adapt quickly, others take time, but very few are broken beyond repair. I spend the time to get to know every dog, and work out the best way to rehabilitate them. Affection is never forced, and the dogs can take it at their own pace.

Many dogs have never experienced love, or the touch of a human, therefore, it can be a shock to the system. When they are ready to trust, then I am ready to help them on to the next stage of their life. Even the small changes are reason to celebrate, and when these happen it is a great feeling. Your new dog will look at you, and their eyes will tell you everything you need to know.

They are saying "Thank you for believing in me, and loving me"

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