Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Ricardo the Wonder Pod

Ricardo is lucky to be alive, and for that reason I decided to help him, is it likely to send my vets bill through the roof, hell yes, but any dog that survives being dragged down the road, and then left for four days before treatment, deserves a chance.

Ricardo is a Podenco, not a breed I rush to help, however, he is a dog, and those I help every day. he was tied to his loving owners back bumper and dragged down the road, causing horrific injuries. The Policia found him, still attached to the car, but needless to say no chip so the idiot owners pleas of not his dog were believed.

he was taken to a holding pound, where there is no funds to treat the dogs, so he sat in agony for four long days, before I was asked to help.

At that point, I honestly though he was going to loose his legs, due to infection, or worse, but Ricardo is a fighter. his legs were far worse than we anticipated, and he had seven different breaks and fractures, and both his hips are broken.

Yet, his tail wags and he lifts his head to greet you, Ricardo is a wonder Pod.
He has had the first surgery, and his legs are healing, due to no skin it will take longer, but all going well. He has a further two surgeries in the future, but these are predicted to be a success, due to his grit and determination, Ricardo has not given up, which means I am sure as hell not going to.

Thankfully Ricardo has his own fanclub, and the support for this dog is great with several different fund raisers to help with his vets bills. He also has his own page on FB where this cheeky pod updates with photos and witty statements, usually about a crazy lady... hmmmm

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