Wednesday 25 July 2018

Some People Simply Care More Than Others

I have very few friends, however, the ones I do have are amazing and care about animals as much as I do. One such lady proved the other day that she is one in a million. I had a frantic phone call one morning, a cat had turned up on her complex, which had obviously been hit by a car. Now Mrs J is not a great cat lover, but she cannot see one suffer so asked what to do.

I told her to take it to a vet if possible, and they would determine, what if anything could be done. Also to check for a chip, as very likely it had an owner, and I am always banging on that people need closure when their animals go missing, and even if this cat was going to die the owner would want to know.

I didn't speak to Mrs J until later that day, and when I did she proved why she is one of my friends. The events of her day were comical, but also showed she has a huge heart. Now, she doesn't drive, so she had to get the cat to the vets, and from what she said the cat was in agony, pooing itself, and screaming, so no taxi was going to take her.

Not owning a cat carrier, as she doesn't have cats, she used a fruit crate to carry the injured, screaming cat to the vets. Added with the fact she had just got up when the cat drama started, she hadn't brushed her hair, and had no bra on. yes she had a tshirt on, no boobies on display.

Off she went to the vets, no bra, screaming cat trying to escape from the fruit crate. On arrival at the vets she was out of breath, hot, stressed and covered in cat poo. The vets said they didn't think the cat would survive, so Mrs J asked them to scan the cat for a chip, whilst waffling about closure, and owners needing to know.

The cat had a chip, so the vets tried phoning them, but no answer, Mrs J then begged them to tell her the name of the owner, and the complex, as she wanted to find them. Information in hand off she went to find some stranger to tell them their cat was likely to die any minute.

Now here, many complexes are gated, so when she reached the right one, she was hot, annoyed, and wondering what the hell she was doing as she didn't like cats! She banged on the main gates until someone let her in, and then begun asking people where the owner lived.

Finally she found him, and he rushed off to the vets, she went home, got dressed, popped a bra on and off to work she went. A few days later the man saw her in the street, how he recognized her fully dressed and hair brushed I do not know, but he did.

Apparently the cat had died, but he was so thankful that she had taken the time to find him, so he could say goodbye. Amazing what one random act of kindness can achieve, and I am proud that she listens when I spout crap.

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  1. Well done that lady!! You're so right about closure. It must be awful never knowing what happened to your furbaby if it goes missing - worse than being told it's dead.