Tuesday 10 July 2018

Slow Boat Restaurant!

Injecting humor into what I do is essential, many days are shitty, long, hard, and emotional, and if I did not find a way to laugh then I would sit in the corner and cry. Don't get me wrong, I do also sit in the corner and cry, but occasionally in a really shitty situation, I find myself being funny.

Now, I am one of those people that think I'm funny, others may disagree, but I find what I say amusing, and even if I laugh alone, I have made one person laugh... ok so it was me!

Perfect example, we were at the kill pound the other day, not the happiest of places, doing what we do. When a woman asked why I was taking so many dogs.... before anyone could reply with a sensible answer I told her I owned a Chinese restaurant.

I thought this was funny, the dog catchers and volunteers found this funny, the woman did NOT find this funny. She stood stared at me and in one high pitched voice went "serio" I said yep, the volunteer stepped in and said no, I owned a protectora..... people spoil all my fun!

The woman asked what my organisation was called, and I could not resist as I simply said "Slow Boat Restaurant" At this point she was seriously not amused, I however, chuckled and wandered off, come on people lighten up , its a shitty world and we need humor!

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