Tuesday, 31 July 2018


The Spanish have a term throughout the summer months to describe their kennels and facilities, they all post that they are saturated. Now according to definition this means:

1.Soaked, filled, or loaded to capacity
2. Drunk, stoned, high, having slurred speech, and unable to function.
3. Immersed in deep thoughts, terrifying, depressed, or even happy.

I can safely say reading that I am bloody saturated, and no drugs or booze are involved. Every summer I push my limits, I push the numbers, I want to say yes to everyone, but yesterday I begun the slow slog of answering people no.

Someone asked me what my capacity is here, and the simple answer is when I feel it is no longer safe. By this I mean that there are too many dogs, not due to vets or feed bills, but simply due to space. More dogs means more tension, which does mean more scuffles, and fights.

Added with the hotter temperatures, the dogs take longer to settle, and I have to stop and say no. With that little two letter word comes guilt, don't get me wrong not many people actually make me feel guilty for saying no, but I feel guilty. I actually apologized to a woman yesterday that I couldn't help.

I always feel that I am letting both people and dogs down, simple due to space, but the honest answer I could have 1000 more kennels there would always be more dogs. So, for now I will prepare the speech of I am sorry I am saturated, and get through the next month knowing the dogs I have saved are on their journey to a better life, roll on September.

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