Monday 5 November 2018

How it All Works!

Quite often I receive frustrated, even pissed off messages from people that I have not got back to them, I have opened their messages but not answered. Cut off their calls without picking up, and trust me there are several reasons for this, not that I simply didn't want to speak to you. I don't think people understand how it all works around here, so let me explain.

I do not have an admin team, with an army of office staff that answer phones, reply to emails and update everything, that would be one person, and that one person is me. My charity is run by me, the vets visits are done by me, the paperwork is done by me, the pounds and dog collections are done by me, the feeding, cleaning, and day to day life is done by me, On top of that I work (yes I have a job too) and am a wife and mother with a busy family, are you getting the picture now.

Why? because a) I am a control freak, and releasing any amount of control takes a huge amount of thought. and b) there is no one else, people often offer to "help" but they dont want to get their hands dirty, or get up early, or clean up endless piles of poop. They want to sit and cuddle, and play, which is great, but not helping me.

I feel that my charity is a success because I know every aspect, and do every aspect, ensuring that it is done right and the way I want. No one else knows how I think, what makes me decide to take a dog, how I react in every different situation. You cannot teach that, even if I had someone to teach, that comes from within.

It has taken me years to learn every aspect of rescuing animals on a small island in a foreign country, and everyday I am still learning. There are so many laws, and regulations, depending on the county, the dog and the situation. Every pound works differently, every country that the dogs are travelling to asks for different paperwork.

I spend a lot of time with the dogs in my care, ensuring that before they are rehomed I know everything about them, which is why my adoptions are so successful.  Some of the training methods are not from a book, or expert, they are what works for me. In between the dogs, there are all the other animals to care for.

So, next time I take a long time to answer, or the photos of the dogs arent great quality, or updates on the page are slow. Whilst I deal with this emotional and physically exhausting lifestyle, Please take a minute to think, everything is done by me, only me, and I am human, there is only so much I can do in a day.

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  1. Well said. Maybe one of those will be able to help, too far from me I'm afraid, age problem too!
    You do a wonderful job and you have many grateful four legged friends xx