Thursday 1 November 2018

Stealing dogs!

I received a video last week of a dog in a really bad state, living on the streets and was asked if I could help, of course I said yes. The dog had been there for five years being fed by a woman, and she had even bought a dog house for it, but never thought to get it off the streets (that rant is for another blog!)

Some volunteers went out to catch the dog, which they did easily, and she was brought to me. Susie as she was named was covered in huge tumors, several were infected and oozing, generally she was in a mess. The next day her story was published on my page, and that is when all hell broke loose.

Whilst sat in my car, enjoying an apple turnover AKA my lunch, (these moments are rare) my phone went off in rapid succession, this usually means there is a dog disaster somewhere. I opened the messages which were from a Spanish woman linked to some organisation here, asking where the dog was. As I didn't consider this to be life and death, I went back to my apple turnover.

During the two minute lunch break this woman had sent me 17 more messages, slowly getting ruder, and more annoying. When I had finished the last bite, I picked up the phone, and read through, and all I could say is WTF. This delightful woman was stating I had stolen her "case" that she had been trying for months to catch the dog and I had robbed her.

Now, firstly you obviously are shit at catching dogs, as it took the girls 30 minutes to locate and catch Susie. Secondly, who the fuck do you think you are, robbing a street dog, it is laughable. So, due to the fact she had annoyed me, I answered her in English, with smiley faces.... best possible way to piss a Spanish person off.

She sent more messages calling me stupid as she was Spanish, I explained, she was the stupid one for not knowing two languages, and that due to her rudeness, she would get English from me... smiley face! This pushed her over the edge, and she then went for it, calling me every name under the sun, stating over and over I had "robbed" her case, demanding where the dog was, and she was coming to get it.

Every time she demanded to know where the dog was I simply came back with "here with me" followed with of course.... a smiley face! after ten minutes of pointless messages, and abuse, I had better things to do, so I told her that, said good night with.... double smiley face..... I honestly do wonder what is wrong with these people there are so many dogs to save on this island, yet she wanted to start a war over one.

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  1. My son"s bullDog was stolen march 9th 2013. posted over a thousand fliers.a few calls wrong dog. i can't believe how many dogs are taken in lakeland' fl. i know all the horror stories,it frightens me to sickness.he is only 8 months old, but very big. a lady said she saw him chained to a no parking sign and some one pulled up and put him in the car but she can't remember the location. how can we get this out there in this huge county. i called our local news paper,WASTE OF TIME.HOW DO YOU GET THIS ALL OVER THE INTERNET? ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED .