Sunday 18 November 2018

When Someone Cares it Makes a Huge Difference

Every year we have bad winters here, yes I live in the canaries, but I also live upt a mountain, where the weather is harsh during the winter months. Although we have tried to make it flood proof, and water tight over the years, the main part to suffer is where we live. So every time the skies open, my heart sinks, the buckets come out the power goes off, and I pray for it to stop.

The builder I have is fantastic, he tackles everything I set him to do, and has helped to improve things so much over a short space of time. He has helped to put in new drainage in different areas, re roofed patches, and ensured that the animals are dry. For me this has always been my priority, therefore, our comfort, or needs are pushed back.

However, the other day the builder looked up and said "what about you?" I stared at him like he had grown two heads, and asked "what do you mean?" We went on to have a conversation about my "house" the lack of gutters, drains, and bad electrics. I did what I have done for years, I shrugged it off, laughed and said It's fine, we are used to it. He said that was going to change, as no one could live like this, again I laughed we had been for so long, it was the "norm"

Mr C set out to move electrics, build new gutters, fit new drain pipes and divert water away from my house. When all was in place, a tiny part of me wanted it to rain to see if it would work, yesterday I got that wish as the skies opened. Mr C was here to see his work in action, and suddenly realized that when I had told him it rained, I meant it RAINED!

On the whole everything worked well, obviously we still had drips, and cracks but this was such an improvement I smiled as I saw water going away from my house,and not pouring towards it like a river. Mr C is a perfectionist and stressed because there were drips, I however, was so happy, just think, once piece of drain, and someone who actually cares had made such a huge difference to my life..... sad I know but true!

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