Thursday 22 November 2018

Old Dogs are Just as Special If Not More!

Why people leave their dogs in the pound I will never understand, however, leaving their old dogs REALLY pisses me off. These dogs have been loyal for all those years, and the owner simply walk into the place that they know will potentially kill their dog, and leave them behind. These owners I want to hit with a large heavy object, and continue hitting them until they understand why this is wrong.

When I save these old dogs my heart breaks, they do not understand what is happening, many are blind, deaf, or simply confused. Their old grey faces tell a thousand stories, and their eyes show the confusion and hurt they are feeling. Although they are old, they deserve a new home that will love them, and cherish them until the day they die.

Thankfully there is a huge number of people who feel the same as me, and my adoption rate for oldies is good. They find amazing homes for their twilight years, and there is never a question that they are "worth" any less due to their age. Sadly though there are people out there that feel old dogs should be "cheaper" or even free as well, they are old!

So, why? why does it matter if the dog is 3 or 13 the adoption is the same, it costs the same to get the dog ready for adoption, and the same to feed, treat and transport. So, why, should the adoption fee be cheaper? I was told the other day by some delightful woman who wanted two of my oldies that it was not fair to ask for an adoption fee.

Fair? this I was confused about and when I asked her what she meant, she blocked me, oh that old chestnut! Another woman then stated there should be "negotiation" because they were old. Am I missing the point with these dogs, they need a home, or homes that will love them for being them, old and lovely, not negotiated on like a plot of land.

Needless to say the trolls came out, and as always I was the worlds worst, Oh well, heard it all before. I know I do a good job, know I always put the dogs first, so call me what you want I really don't care. I consider an old dog to be worth as much as a puppy or younger dog, and if other people don't feel the same, then you know where the door is.

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  1. Oh God! I can't bear it! What a world we live in!..I love all animals, old or young, scruffy or sleek, grumpy or full of beans, they all have enormous value and people are way down the pecking order as far as I am concerned. You do a fab job, keep it up hun. Some of us care more than you know xxx