Sunday 11 November 2018

Happy Endings!

I do this to make a difference, I do this to give something back to the place I call home, and I do this for the happy endings. Not every dog gets their happy ending, for some sadly I am too late. However, once in a while a happy ending comes along that reminds me why I do this, and that the blood, sweat and tears are worth it.

Ricardo the Wonder Pod is now in his home, and all I can say is what an amazing home. Everything about his new home felt right from the start, and yet again my gut was correct. He has had such a journey, and to be honest I didn't think his story would end the way it did.

There were many times that I thought he was going to end up with One leg, no legs, crippled, but the fight he had was incredible. Every day he wanted to live, he wanted to travel this journey with me, and get to his happy ending. When I say goodbye to dogs at the airport it is always mixed feelings, and saying goodbye to Ricardo was hard.

As he gazed up at me with a look of why are you not coming with me, all you can do is kiss them on the nose, tell them it will all be ok, and hope they understand that you are not leaving them, just handing them over to their new family for them to love and cherish them.

When I see Ricardo now, I feel proud, I helped this amazing dog get to where he is today. Of course my vets did all the hard, skilled bit, however, I was the one who spent hours wrapping and un wrapping legs. Cleaning, and spraying, making sure that he stayed still, didn't move, moved a little, I did that!

Like a proud Mama that watches her kids take their first steps, or go off to school, I sit back and watch him grow and develop. Ricardo looks so happy, and for that I have his new home to thank. I wonder if he remembers the crazy lady who sat with him, stroked his nose and told him everything would be ok... I hope so, as I will always remember him.

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  1. And your only reward is that he is happy and loved. He is one of the lucky ones but then, they are all lucky when they have you to care for them. So very well done and here's to many many more happy endings.XXXXX