Tuesday 13 November 2018

I do not understand!

On Sunday I went to the pound, as Sunday is saving lives day to collect 15 dogs that now have the chance of happiness and a home. In the 15 were two very old large Belguim Malinios, who had been dropped off at the pound by their owner. I posted these dogs on FB, to explain how I was heartbroken, and felt let down by humans.

The first thing I do not understand is how any owner can pop their old dogs into their car, drive them to a high kill pound, where potentially they will be killed at anytime. Everyone knows that this pound kills dogs when full, so there is no denying he knew exactly what he was placing his dogs into.

The pound is no holiday camp, it is cold, damp, no beds, hundreds of dogs, and the owner simply dropped them off, and walked away. He didn't look back, he didn't change his mind, he got in his car and drove off, leaving his beautiful, loyal dogs behind to more than likely end their days in a pound. If they were lucky they would be PTS rather than killed by younger, stronger dogs in a dog fight.

The second thing I do not understand, is how people can justify this man's behavior. My post is full of "but he may have been sick" "he may have been dying" "he did the right thing" WTF how can anyone think that walking into a kill pound with two dogs that you have had for over ten years is ok. There are NO reasons, excuses, or justifications for this.

If he was dying, which I highly doubt, then take your dogs to your vet, sit with them, say goodbye, and let them die with dignity. Let them take their last breath in your arms, with the owner they loved, rather than on a cold floor alone, and unloved.

I am at a complete loss this morning that people are honestly thinking that taking your dog to a kill pound is acceptable. Am I angry with the owner and think he needs a FB bashing no, but I also do not think people should be supporting his decision. Sadly though if this is the world we live in were people think his actions are "normal" and correct then god help all dogs as dumping it seems is the "right thing to do"

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  1. FGS I hate this world and how it treats animals! I have pets, I adore my pets and really would take a bullet for them, no question. I wish I could help all the poor, mis-treated uncared for animals, but, like you, I am just one person who can't save them all! I have so much respect for what you and your team do. If I won the lottery, you would get a huge slice to help the ones in your care! Good luck to all the little ones you have, now and in the future. xxx