Monday 10 July 2017

I Come With a Warning!

People who know me, know what I am like, and therefore, I don't have to explain my rudeness, sarcastic tones, or eye rolling. However, if you don't know me, I can come across as rude, unapproachable, and sarcastic! The reality is I am actually quite a nice person, I am just really busy and what I do tends to lean me towards hating people.

Recently, I have discovered that people are warned about me, before meeting, and Miss T even does the "she is an arsehole" speech. People are shocked, and think that she is slagging me off behind my back, the truth I am fully aware of the arsehole speech and think it is a good idea.

She tells people that I am rude, that I wont want to speak to them,and simply to ignore me. Other people are mortified by this, I however, I feel it is the perfect warning. Everyone reads the "dont go near the big scary animal signs, at the zoo, well she is a huge sign, warning people. If you are then too stupid to take her advise, then more fool you.

A lady had arranged for me to collect a dog yesterday, and her parting words to me were "BE NICE" in a stern school head mistress type way! I have discovered what I consider to be nice, and what others consider nice, are worlds apart.... like WORLDS.... I think if I manage a hello then that is nice, and I'm done. Sadly, others want a conversation, a whole, smiley conversation about the weather, and things.

So, if we happen to come into contact, and I look like I dont want to speak, the chances are I dont want to speak! Best advice I can give, step away slowly, and try another day, you never know you may get lucky, and one day you may catch me on a good one.

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