Friday, 7 July 2017

Operation Donkey...... oh and a Lamb!

I had a message one day asking for help with a Donkey, now I didnt know much about Donkeys, but growing up with horses, I presumed they were similar. Basically, smaller, than horses, with bigger ears. Oh how wrong can one woman be, Donkeys are completely different as I soon discovered. Again without much research, I agreed to take the donkey, and off we went on operation Donkey.

On Arrival there was no doubt why I had been asked to help, this poor animal could hardly walk, he had crippling laminitis.

Donkey was trying to navigate over rough ground, with badly overgrown feet, sores all over his body, and the look of please just shoot me now. 

 Whist negotiating with the old guy that owned the donkey, I noticed a whole field of sheep, and flippantly asked if I could have a lamb. I didnt actually think he would give me one, but he appeared around the corner, with a small lamb, which got thrust in my direction. I have to remember to be careful what you ask for!

 So with donkey loaded, and a lamb in the boot of my car off we went.... On that journey I did decide that lambs crying are actually quite annoying, and reminded me very much of a newborn child... 

With Donkey home, the vet and farrier called, we begun the task of making Donkey feel better. He was never going to sprint around, but I just wanted him to have a better quality of life. 
 Years of neglect had taken its toll, and this poor old guy needed love, and care.  I understand some people cannot cope, or simply do not have the money, but please, just ask for help. 

Mrs B and Donkey bonded straight away, and soon they would be seen everywhere together. He didnt really have any interest in Magic, but that was due to the fact he couldn't escape fast enough when magic is being an annoying twat.

Donkey went where he wanted when he wanted, I had no issue with him wandering around, and he needed to move as much as possible.
The farrier came, and hours of trimming and cutting, we had new feet, at one point the angle grinder was used, which was a first for me, but it seems common in Spain.

Donkey like so many of the animals that live here, is happy, loved, and cared for. He has no purpose, but to live out his days knowing he will get the care he needs, when he needs it, will he ever gallop nope, but he can manage a fast trot when a feed bucket appears.


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