Thursday 13 July 2017

They Are Not A Pair Of Shoes

I actually do despair sometimes, when people adopt a dog from us, and within 24 hours they want to give it back! Come on people they are not pairs of shoes, give it time, these dogs have been through so much. I understand that sometimes the match for the dog is not right, however, you have to give it time to see if it can be worked out.

The problem is I really do not know why some people adopt dogs, maybe for the glory, and the attention they receive on FB and from friends and family. The ones that love all the stroking, and the you are wonderful posts.
Although I am very lucky with my adoptions, as I know these dogs inside and out, I have got it wrong a few times over the years.

The problem is for that moment, I have to put my trust in people, and believe that they feel the same as I do about these dogs. Sadly, some don't, some don't actually give a fuck, and these are the ones that go wrong.

I have had calls within hours to say the dog isn't settling, has peed on the floor, is barking. The list goes on and on, and I get really annoyed, what do people think is going to happen. They have just collected a strange dog, placed it in a home that they have never been in before, with people they hardly know. God, I would pee on the floor if that was me.

We try to talk through the problems, and issues that have been brought up, but some people have simply made up their minds. They just don't want the dog, and there is nothing worse than these dogs being returned to kennels. I do actually feel like my heart is being ripped out and stamped on by these people.

When the returns procedure happens I tend to send someone else to collect the dog, as If I go I will be in prison for murder. Even when I message the people I have to keep stopping deleting and re writing, as I do loose it so many times. I should start taking photos of the dogs face as it is brought back, and put back in the kennels, but honestly the arseholes that return them like a pair of shoes, would simply shrug and move on!

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  1. Well is a throwaway society - but why should the animals be treated the same x