Wednesday 12 July 2017

It's My Home

If a stranger randomly messaged you, asking for you to send your location as they were trying to find you, and were aiming to drop by, what would you say? I get these messages a lot, and I am always quite shocked by them, as people seem to think that they can simply turn up at my gates 24/7 and have a nose.

I'm not sure if people don't realize, or don't care, but this is my home, my family and I live here, and although all the animals are here, its predominantly my safe haven. Of course I want people to see what we do, and people visiting is ok, but I have never been one to welcome random visits. Before, the haters leap on me, I have nothing to hide, and this is not the reason why I cringe when people ask to visit.

There are pockets of my busy day when I do what every normal person does, I lay on my sofa watching crap TV eating crisps. Therefore, I do not want to be disturbed, I do not want to get up and play show and tell with people.
Yet, this seems to offend people, that I may actually have a life, and that I may not want to have them visiting at that time.

The other consideration that people tend to forget is that I do also have to do everything a normal house has to do in a week, so the shopping, banking, school trips and average family issues have to be dealt with. I also work so have to fit that in to my day, to pay towards the charity as it never covers all the bills.

Maybe I am just of a different generation, or have more respect, but I would never turn up at someones house un announced, and expect a warm welcome. However, the people that message me are very offended, and often rude when I point out that now is not a good time.

I get the shocked statements of " But we are driving round in circles trying to find you" "We have been searching for hours" The fact that you cannot find me easily, and that I choose to be in the culo de mundo should give you a hint I don't want to be found. So, if you want to visit, give me plenty of notice, respect the fact that this could change at any moment depending on what I am doing, and never expect a hug and a cheery smile.

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