Saturday 22 July 2017

The Dreaded Washing Pile!

Laundry is one of those jobs you either loathe or love, and I can honestly say I loathe it, I find it tedious, and usually forget to empty the machine. The issue comes is the amount of bedding that comes out the kennels everyday, if you don't keep on top of it then we have festering, huge piles. In fact even when we do keep on top of it we have huge piles.

There is often debates as to why I give the dogs bedding, even the vets say "why do you bother" "surely you are just giving yourself more work" Yes, is the answer, but my way of thinking is, these dogs have very little, a bit of bedding is their only comfort, therefore, they get bedding. Now the dogs love clean bedding they run in leap in the beds, roll around and have a ball.

Who am I to take this away from them, those few minutes of complete joy and innocent fun. Yes it is an arse to remove all the bedding every day, and yes it is an arse to carry it all the way to the machine, but hey the dogs are worth it.
Also due to our water pressure being so shit we cannot start running the machine until the kennels are finished, so it piles up, and up. Oh, and did I mention we only have a household machine.

Therefore, washing duty goes on all day, every day. In fact we usually do up to 20 loads a day, and then there is the drying factor. So, my stables double up as a Chinese laundry all day, with washing being hung from lines so it can dry. Yet another task that many people do not realize we do, as sadly I dont have a team of little washer woman to help!

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