Monday, 3 July 2017

Read the Whole Post

I spend time writing posts on my page, I try and make them relevant, and interesting, and factual, so why can people not spend the time to read the whole thing? So many people look at the picture, maybe read the first word, and no more. They then comment, my phone then pings, and I stare at the screen, reading the comment, and scream......

Every dog looking for a home has three key elements..... NAME ...... SEX.......AGE ..... So, why do so many people comment and ask how old the dog is ffs, REALLY it is in the top line, the one that you must have read surely. Another post hat always gets me, is when we welcome the new poundies, every post clearly states TODAY WE WELCOME POUNDIES.... blah blah blah ... and still people say:

OMG we have to get them out 
OMG where are they, we must save them
OMG when can you get them

Come on people :

Every time that phone pings, I stop and look, when you  write stupid things I stop every time, and get to the point of wanting to stab someone with a fork..... So please, if you could take the time to read the whole post, absorb what I have written, and then comment that would be fab! 

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