Wednesday 26 July 2017


Over the years we have begun to decline taking certain dogs, as we have found that we cannot rehome them, they sit in the kennels for years. Podencos are one of these breeds, as I had one when I first started doing this and it took me over two years to place him. I see no benefit from dogs sitting in kennels, and would rather leave certain breeds to people that specialize in these. However, any dog in extreme danger deserves my attention.

I had a call one day that a hunter had hung his Podenco from a tree to die, this is done to kill them at the end of hunting season, Not as common as Mainland Spain, but some hunters still continue this barbaric tradition. The lady who called was trying to get him down from the tree, and hoping the hunter did not return.

By the time I got there, the dog was down, and one very pissed off hunter was stood there. Now I tend to ignore the screaming angry owners, as there is no benefit with arguing with someone so stupid. So I got the dog, and begun to walk back to my car, the one thing I had forgotten was that hunters have guns.

This guy was stood in front of me, with his gun pointed at me, screaming how he wanted his dog. Yep the dog he had just left to die, go figure. Now, this is one of those moments when you can either A) pee your pants B) give the dog back or C) continue walking and pray he has an ounce of sanity and realizes that shooting a human is far more serious than a dog.

Thankfully option C worked and I got me and dog in the car, and I realized I might have peed myself a little! So we had one safe dog, one angry hunter, and one wet drivers seat, but all was good.

Spock remained hidden with me, as the hunter spent weeks trying to find his dog. This meant I could not promote him on FB, I could not try and find him a home.

Everything had to be done in secret, through messages, and some how I got a lady to agree to help in the UK.  Spock begun his journey, and I stepped away to make sure there was no way of crazy guy ever finding him.

I always wondered what happened to Spock, but had faith that he would find a fantastic home. Through working with a Podenco group some years later, I found Spock, and boy what a home he has. He is so loved, and spoilt that he reminds me why I do this.

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  1. We love our podenco cross.Archie ❤️
    He is such a huge part of our family.
    Thank you for rescuing him xx