Tuesday 4 July 2017

Hot Balls!

When the dogs come in from the pound, they have to go to our vet to be checked, processed, have their weights , rabies, and passports done. This is a task in itself, usually but when you have 17 come in on one day it is a monumental task. So, I asked for help off my trusty helpers, which usually turns into chaos.

So three people, one vet and 17 dogs, sounds straightforward, apart from its hot, they wont stand still, and no one is listening to me! My two trusty helpers, think its a huge laugh, and both know the more I get stressed, the best thing to do is wind me up some more!

Miss T is in charge of photos, which actually involves her feeding the dogs as many treats as she can, and taking selfies! Which I dont ever find until I am at home! Thanks guys ;-)

Miss A is in charge of holding dogs, and swapping dogs, which actually involves her sat on the floor, moaning its hot! 

So, after a stressful hour everyone is processed, but our lovely Pumba appears to be in discomfort, and we need to examine further. The vet has a feel, and announces, he has infected swollen testicles, the dog obviously not him! Time to flip him over for a better look, yippee. 

So, there are three of us, one vet and an overweight retriever on the floor, Pumba on his back, having his testicles felt by a vet. Now this vet is typically, very serious, he is sensible, and we have to remain straight faced, and listen or we get told off. 

The vet is explaining in great depth, how there is heat in the testicles, and that they are swollen, and he is in pain, and that he will need antibiotics, and cream. Im nodding, and smiling, and trying to keep the fit of giggles, I can feel rising inside of me. I was doing so well, until Miss T decided to announce " so, Louise has got to rub cream into his hot balls"

At that point there was no stopping us, all three of us started laughing, with Miss T repeating the sentence over and over, managing to say "hot balls" at least another six times. Even the vet lost it, and could not help himself. With what we do day in day out we need these moments of light relief, we need to laugh at infected testicles, and remember it is not all heartache.  So, if you ever feel sad over the next few days, please remember its me that has to rub cream into, and overweight dogs hot balls!

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