Saturday 15 July 2017

I Don't Know How They Do It!

Just over a year ago, I had what I thought was a fantastic idea, I decided we needed a charity shop, to recycle all of peoples pre loved items, and raise a bit of cash. Also I wanted somewhere in resort that people could pop in and have a chat with the volunteers, and feel like they were part of what we do. The volunteers we have in the shop are amazing, and I honestly don't know how they cope with the shop, as I would have killed someone by now.

Thankfully for the people that come into the shop, I always said I had no intention of being in there, the general public did not need to see my smiley face. The shop was never opened to make a fortune, just enough to help with the ever growing vets bills, and become a place to help people. The volunteers that deal with the people that come into the shop have the patience of a saint, and I thank them for everything they do.

Now I know we say we take anything, and that we are grateful for anything, but seriously used underwear, dirty docks, and broken stuff is a step too far.

Sadly, we get all of those on a weekly basis. There is nothing worse than delving into a bin bag of donated goods, to pull out a used pair of lacy knickers. Why would you donate these to a charity shop?

Broken stuff is another one I just don't get, why would you go all the way to our shop passing numerous bins on the way to drop off your broken old crap, rather than bin it.

Then the volunteers have to deal with the arguers, and the hagglers, both of these are relentless. When we sell books for 50c and clothes for 1 euro you would think people would simply pay up, oh no, they have to argue, ffs it is for charity, and you are getting a bargain!

Then there are the "strange" people, the ones that strip in the middle of the shop to try on clothes, or want scarves for their naked scarf dances!! Again how do the volunteers do it...... I am in awe of their patience, and ability to shrug this all off. So, to everyone that helps in our shop, and I know I say it a lot..... but THANK YOU!!!


  1. Great article - amusing but with a very serious message.

    I work in a charity shop (Animal SOS Sri Lanka) when I am in England. I refuse to work on the shop floor, i.e. the till as people always want a discount - even a 10p charge is requested to be dropped to 5p!
    So I work in the back sorting the donations and, yes, I find dirty, torn clothes, broken goods and sometimes basic rubbish that is just dumped at the shop instead of taking it to the tip. The funny thing is people expect us to be grateful.

    On the positive side we have some lovely goods given and often new clothes with the labels still inside. Every bag I open contains a mystery!

    So thank you PetPals volunteers in the shop - I appreciate and understand the work you do. Well done!!

  2. While all of the above is so true, we do have a laugh too. Always someone with a wish to chat and everybody has their own stories as to how they came to live on the Island (most of our customers are ex-pats from all over the world) Some really interesting and funny (both weird and ha ha) people and never a dull moment sorting through the donations in search of the "treasures" which I must add, we find more often than the "rubbish". I always enjoy my stints in the shop and usually have a foster furbaby with me who becomes the topic of conversation for passers-by. Really helps to raise awareness of what we all work together to do.