Saturday 29 July 2017

Im Too Old For This!

I am not one to complain, and generally I can do anything but transports I have decided I am far too old for that shit. Transport days are hard work as you would have read in previous blogs, and for me I have all the paperwork and worry as well. The day is long, the task is hard, and I have to sleep on an airport floor.

The last transport we did, 20 dogs were leaving, and even now Miss T and I are amazed we pulled that one off. You have to consider the logistics, and pure hell that transporting 20 dogs brings, and as always it never goes smoothly.
We had barkers, we had shitters, and of course we had the I'm not going to sit still, and tip the boxes over ones. Everything did go as best it could, apart from me being held up in security, and being late on the plane, as I do not run for anyone. The airport need to understand they can call my name a million times, I am still not going to move any faster.

Thankfully on the plane, I had a whole row, so sleeping on the journey was great, and my dog didn't shit, or bark once, result. Landing though was that dreaded feeling knowing I had to collect, and move all the boxes. The only thing you can do is grit your teeth and get on with it, I simply focus on the fact that all the dogs are going to new homes.

I realized I was too old the last transport when it took me days to get over it, I ached from head to foot, and felt like I had been run over by a tractor. Every part of me hurt, and I honestly sat there thinking, I am just too old for this shit.

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