Wednesday, 5 July 2017

People Really Are Stupid!

I have chickens, which means I have eggs, we sell the eggs to help pay for the feed, and usually they do very well. However, this involves me having to speak to humans, and humans are stupid. I have always considered myself to be an intelligent person, and stupidity drives me mad.  I am amazed on a daily basis just how stupid people are, and how they have no idea what they are eating.

I knew a child once that believed all chickens came shrink wrapped from birth, and had Tesco stamped on the wrapper. They simply did not understand that it was once an animal running around, which is worrying.

However, the worlds most stupid woman came into my world the other day.The conversation went like this:

"ooo how sweet you keep chickens"
" Yep"
"what do you do with them? are they pets?"
"nope they are here to lay eggs"
"oh, do chickens like that lay eggs?"
"all chickens lay eggs"
"but then what do you do with the eggs?"
"sell them, eat them"
"OMG you eat THOSE eggs"
" yep, dont you eat eggs?"
"well yes but not ones that have come from a chicken, only ones from the shop"
"ok, so where do you think your shop bought eggs have come from?"
"from the egg factory of course, I would never eat something that had come out of an animal"
"ALL eggs come from chickens, yours are simply packaged, and put on the shelf"
"dont be silly, Hiperdino doesnt have chickens in there, they come from the egg machine"

Twenty minutes of arguing, my head hurt, she was still a retard, and we were no further forward. I am seriously concerned that there are whole generations of people wandering around that should not be allowed out on their own!

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