Friday 28 December 2018

Calm Down It Is Only A Puppy!

December the 26th AKA Wednesday started like every other day, usual chaos, usual 100 phone calls and messages, and then the dreaded I found a puppy message came. A small cute puppy had been found in the bin, not unusual here, but always more upsetting knowing he was an unwanted gift!

I collected the pup, and off we went to the vets, Barry Basura as he had been christened, is just four weeks old, small, innocent, and doesn't understand what the hell is going on. Usual vets checks done, entry photo taken, popped up on FB sating the usual not up for adoption, more of a yippee the first of many posts.

OMFG.... fast forward 48 hours...... over 633,000 people have seen the post, over 3.5K of shares, and 2500 comments... not all constructive, in fact very few constructive comments. Don't get me wrong the sharing the page is fantastic, the PM's from people wanting to adopt other dogs is fantastic, BUT the trolls, god give me strength.

If I answer the comments, I am rude, abrupt, unprofessional, if I don't answer the comments I am rude, unprofessional and a fake. God give me strength, what do these people want, my first born child, and a vital organ! As always the page and post were split into two distinct camps the "we support Pet Pals camp" and the " this page is rubbish and the owner is a donut camp"

I was criticized for publishing the puppy as he was not up for adoption, I was slated for calling the puppy basura which according to one mortified lady "means bin in Spanish" yes dear I know, that was sort of the point. this went on and on, like a dripping tap all day... moan, bitch, whinge.

Thankfully there were some great comments, some intelligent PM's and some genuine interest in what I do. Sadly out of the 633,000 people that clicked on the post, 27 donated towards my vets bill, yep its creeping up again. But hey cannot have it all.

So thanks Barry basura for causing a stir, and getting people on the page, but come on guys calm down it is only a puppy!


  1. I donated a little. Thank you for the kind work you do. <3 Merry xmas.

  2. People are to sensitive to blunt simple short answers. There was a video that went viral about a girl being told “no” when she asked to pet a service dog. The girl circled back and attacked them with her baby in tow because they said “no” instead of giving a full “sorry she is on duty and cannot be distracted”. This person probably gets asked constantly and it should be common sense. People suck! That’s why we love animals so much! You are awesome! Keep doing you! I would love to be able to do what you do as a full time job.

  3. Possibly a stolen puppy? I saw a post from a lady who had had a 3 week old puppy stolen from her home . I just can’t remember where I saw it

  4. I want this baby ❣️ Where is he/she?

  5. Please can I adopt him/her? Ive recently lost my 1 and a half year old dog to cancer and I would give the poor pup so much love, care and comfort. Please get in touch, my email is

    I am a stay at home mum and have a 11 month old son, he is amazing with animals as hes been around them his whole life. Please please please get in touch or leave a number that I can call.

  6. How do i message you privately about adoption after Xmas period? I'd gladly adopt this wee bundle of joy. Don't know how anyone could be so cruel. Thanks

  7. Please can i adopt him or her? Email me on

  8. Pets are for LIFE not just Christmas. Never ever buy a pet for someone unless they are with you and 100% on board with the idea