Sunday 9 December 2018

Mentally Strong and far Too Confident

Yorkshire Terriers are a breed that we can rehome easily, everyone wants them regardless of size, sex, age or personality. However, unless you own one, you will never fully understand how confident, and controlling this breed are. I have two Yorkies, both so different, that it is hard to believe they are the same breed.

The one trait they both have is loyalty, and I honestly believe my Yorkies would die trying to protect me. They would charge in to the most dangerous of situations, risking everything to prove they were my protectors. Where as my big dogs, would look up from their beds, and consider whether it was worth all the effort.

If allowed on my bed one of my Yorkies makes sure NO ONE can get near me, and this includes the kids and hubby on occasion. He will begin with a low growl, which leads to a full blown Tasmanian devil moment. The traits of loyalty and protection are lovely, but when it goes too far it can be daunting.

We have a Yorkie looking for a home in the UK at the moment, Yoyo is a typical yorkie, however, he takes loyalty to the next level! He wants to ensure that nothing can hurt his new mum, as everything could endanger her life.

This is proving to be a challenge finding him a home that understands he is mentally strong and far too confident. He needs an experienced home that can help him understand that not everything in the world is a danger, and that maybe if he didnt approach every situation looking for a fight people would want to stroke him more.

Yoyo is not a bad dog, and I have seen Yorkies act like this time and time again, but he needs a home that understands his needs, which are that he thinks he is a pitbull trapped inside a teeny body. There must be someone willing to offer our little stroppy Yorkie a home!

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