Sunday, 30 December 2018

Day 4...... In the Warped Universe!

It's day four of Barry Basura gate and I feel as if I am in some weird parallel universe. I cannot decide if it is some warped reality TV show, or if the world has finally just gone mad. As the days have progressed the abuse has strengthened, and on day four, the death threats begun.

Day one was crazy, but day four is on another level, the real hard core nutjobs have appeared, the " I want to fly over and smash your face in" type crazies. Now I am slightly insane, some would say crazy, but these are on another level. I have lost count how many times I have been called a C**T over the last four days, why for apparently being rude!

Now as we have all debated before, am I rude yeah I can be, am I sarcastic, hell yes, but on this occasion I actually wasn't, over 1.3 million views and 9k of comments, and I commented around 10 times, never rude, never swearing, yet I'm the bad guy, and someone even accused me of hurting the animals in my care yesterday.

There was even a "Lord of the Flies" moment yesterday when the haters begun turning on themselves. What is it with people that feel when protected by a screen, they can type what they want. There were some really awful things being spouted, and not even to me, or about me. Real hate fueled posts, which I honestly pity these people that they have nothing in their lives but hate.

Oh, and did I mention that in the midst of chaos, and craziness, an online UK magazine, picked up on #Barrybasuragate, and posted, causing more chaos, more craziness, and general weirdness. Now don't get me wrong, after I trawled through the 1300 messages, there were some genuine people wanting to help, or adopt, or simply being nice, but god there are some weirdo's out there too, as in Jemery Kyle would love to get his hands on these messages!

So, I state again, Barry is just a puppy, not a miracle, just a cute, four week old puppy that has no idea the weird, warped, reality world that he has caused. When he is ready for adoption he will be on the page, I will brace for impact, and see how many of the "I want him" posters are still around when the world calms down, and he is looking for a home. ..... lets see if day five is calmer.... please god make it calmer....

*inserts cute puppy picture for the awwwwww moment


  1. I will have him you can do any search you like on us, we have a dog already and was looking for a new puppy to join our family please contact me on thanks janet

  2. I have a friend who is in rescue and is going thru the same thing people stalking, harassing her friends, started a hate group just for her, and has done property damage to outside of her house. Prayers for you and your rescue. She is currently taking them to court.

  3. Have you figured out what he is? My puppies, who were (mom) boxer/lab and (dad) border collier/ huskey. I would say he has some Border collie and lab in him.