Tuesday 1 January 2019

Hellloooooo 2019!

WOW 2019 how did that happen! I always like to think of January the 1st as the first blank page of a 365 page book. I want to fill the Pet Pals GC book with happy tails, and grow our reader base as the year moves forward. I would love to say that all negative things are left behind in 2018, however, this is not true, but moving forward into 2019 I can say:

If you wronged me, I will never forget, however, I have moved on!
If you were posting shit about me, great that means I am so important in you life that I am on your mind!
If you don't like me, oh well, I really do not care!
If we are no longer speaking/working together that is due to a reason, or several!

Life is far too short for drama, backbiting and fake people, I know I do a great job, therefore, I am confident and comfortable with all of my decisions. In 2018 I achieved so much, and although there were low points, there were many incredible highs.

With the help of the UK team I rehomed 476 dogs, which is amazing, everyone that shares, donates, adopts, and supports has helped every one of these dogs. The UK team are incredible, and I have a team that I am so proud of, they give up their homes, lives, and sanity for my dogs. In 2018 there were some incredibly challenging cases, some brought happiness and others tears.

I took out the trash several times, getting rid of people that were simply not right for the UK team. Binning "wannabe rescues" and ensuring that I work with like minded people. These people are draining, and I only want positive people who think out of the box riding this journey with me.

So adios 2018...... hola 2019...... bring it on, I am ready for you!

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