Sunday 27 January 2019

Living Abroad makes or Breaks You!

Many people ask why I moved abroad, do I like it, and would I ever go back to the UK. I moved for many reasons, do I like it, yes, or I would not still be here, moving anywhere is possible, and would I ever go back, hell no. Many things change when you move abroad, and I believe the ability to make these changes is what determines whether you stay, or leave for the life you had before.

You need to embrace the fact that you are living in a different country, not want it to be your old life in the sun. In the first few years it is like being on a roller coaster of emotions, with highs and lows. You either  hang on tight, grow and develop, embracing your new way of life, or fall off and admit defeat.

As you begin to build a new life, you evolve, and change, some people love this change and others struggle. I have lived on this beautiful rock for over 13 years now, and my life has changed so much. The top things that have changed are:

My ability to blag a conversation in two languages, there are many times when I randomly say words, in the wrong language at the wrong time. I can however, say every swear words perfectly.

You learn to never get attached to people, and although this may seem odd as everyone likes to have some friends, far too many people are passing through. many of my friends have left, and every time, you know you will never see them again. People that were once a huge part of your life, move on, and pretty soon you are forgotten, left behind on the rock they once called home.

Normality has been removed from my life, "normal" is what we are told we must conform to, but why? I have learnt there are many other ways to do things in life, which work, and may not seem correct to many, but hey I don't care. As you are thrown into many difficult situations living abroad, you learn so much about yourself, and how strong you can be on a daily basis.

Nostalgia can be a bitch, and it creeps up on you when you least expect it, it may be a smell, or a song. It transports you back to an old life, one that was not all bad, just one that you may have outgrown. You will get an overwhelming feeling of being homesick, not for the place, but for the people that you miss.

Change is something that I have learnt to embrace, as for your new life to work you must grab change and let it happen, or it will destroy your dreams. Everything changes when you move abroad, and if you think it doesn't you are pretty naive.

There are many things that I miss about the UK, however, I am far happier here than I ever was. My life has changed so much from the endless lunches with friends, to the expensive shoes and cars. You soon learn what and who is important in life, and if you get the chance then grab it with both hands, and hold on tight as it will be one hell of a journey, but worth every moment.

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