Saturday 12 January 2019

Top Worst Messages to Receive

I receive a lot of messages, some very good, and others that leave me shaking my head in disbelief. I tend to either laugh, or rant, depending on how my day has gone. Here are just a few of what I receive every day:

  • I sent you a message, half an hour ago, and you have not bothered to get back to me, Can you not be bothered? Do you not want to find homes for the dogs?
Come on people, I run a rescue, which means that your message is in a queue of over 50 other messages. I will get to them after I have fed, cleaned, done vets, pounds, police, oh and worked, eaten, and cared for my family. 

  • An adoption fee? why? you got the dog for free, surely you are giving it away?
Yep, I might have got that dog for "free" but the moment it enters I have to feed it, care for it, get it ready for adoption and often transport it. Yes I get reduced rates at the vets, and the food is donated, but they still have so much spent on them, the least you can do is pay an adoption fee towards these costs. 

  • OMG! I love "fifi" but cannot take her until the children have had their vaccinations, school trips, and we are back off holiday, and I have checked my social calendar for the year. So, can you "hold" her for say six months! 
Short answer....... NO

Long answer.... there is no benefit with keeping a dof in kennels longer than needed. The longer the dogs stay in kennels, the more chance they have of being attacked. They are also taking up a space, which means another dog cannot be saved. 

Sarcastic answer..... Do you actually have time for a dog? 

  • I REALLY want to adopt a dog, my last one I gave away as my girlfriend was allergic/ my landlord told me to get rid of it/ I had a baby! 
I understand that life is tough, and we have to make decisions that are hard, however, you gave  a dog away for a crap reason. So, no you won't be adopting from me. 

  • I see that "fifi" says mix breed, what is the mix? 
If I knew the mix, I would put what it was, I write mix when we have no idea, and no I'm not guessing. Writing mix breed is better than writing "no fucking idea" 

  • OMG! (I get a lot of messages starting like that) those puppies, the ones thrown in the bin, what breed are they? how big will they be? 
REALLY! come on people they were thrown in a bin to die, the scumbag that threw them in there didn't leave a note detailing parents, and age. Again I am not guessing how big as often it is wrong, sadly female dogs get shagged by many many dogs all at the same time, so everything from a corgi to a pitbull could have had fun that day. That puppy is a MIX.... 

  • I see that "fifi" was dumped at the pound, is she toilet trained? doesnt chew? walks on a lead?  I want a dog that doesnt bark, chew, poop, or dig my garden.
The fact that I have no idea where the dogs come from, and that they are terrified when they come in shitting on the floor is normal. All dogs bark, it is normal, and many chew, wouldn't you being locked in a kennel for over 12 hours a day! I honestly do wonder what people really want from rescuing. 


  1. I think you need to post a few photos and videos of what happens to the animals over there before they are rescued.
    Our rescue is from Romania and the photos and videos I've seen would make these people physically sick, well most of them. I guess it's the same over there as with most countries.

    You deserve a medal !

  2. See these comments recurring on rescues and like you I am astounded at the lack of understanding what you do day in and day out. A rescue dog is simply a dog needing care & love and as such the costs are not a concern, you have to pay out and need to recoup as much as possible to keep doing that. These same people probably think nothing of paying £600 for a dog advertised on gum tree as a pomski?. It's a mix with a made up name. 🙄. Keep going, and tell it like it is.