Sunday 6 January 2019

You Are Living My Dream!

You are living my dream... REALLY! who the hell dreams of little sleep, no money, long hours, broken hearts and abuse all day long. If I got paid for every time someone has said that to me, I would be a millionaire. Don't get me wrong saving dogs, and watching them thrive in new homes is amazing, but god its tough.

The second most asked question, is "how do I start my own rescue" The honest answer is don't... or if you want to make sure you have money, lots and lots of money. Running a rescue regardless of the size is expensive, and donations do not flood in, as people might claim.

I have been doing this for over six years, and I have to work to help pay for my charity. There are months where everything I earn goes on supporting my rescue, which leaves my husband to support our family whilst I am "living the dream" This means that every waking moment I am thinking of ways to get more donations, how to fund raise, and try and not spend all my own money keeping my rescue a float. 

People have asked over the last few weeks if "barrybasuragate" has brought more followers, yes it has but very few are following the page to help. As my rescue grows so do the expenses, as I rescue more dogs, what I pay out increases. I am not complaining about having to pay into my own rescue, I'm simply explaining that "living the dream" comes at a cost.

There are so many passionate people out there that want to "help" and run rescues and save dogs. Great, but passion doesn't pay the bills. You also need to remember to look after yourself, both mentally and physically (something that took me a while to figure out) Without being healthy and mentally strong, you will not be able to run a rescue.

If you honestly want to run a rescue, I would say do it one dog at a time. Help one, make sure it is done right, and that dog has 100% of your time, energy and money. You will soon realize how much goes into just one dog, and consider if you could do that with 10, 20, 30, 40 more.

Remember that every decision that you make will affect an animal, and don't make sacrifices that you will regret later. Try and find someone that is good at what they do, and listen to their advise. Never think you are better, or more experienced because trust me you will never be. Take time to fully understand what you are getting into ... After all, even a nightmare can be called a "dream"

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