Monday 21 January 2019

Got To Love A Bargain!

Money is always tight, and feeding the sheer quantity of animals that I have is always hard. Don't get me wrong, they are always fed, in fact over fed according to different vets who tell me my animals are fat... Hey I'm Irish, we are feeders! However, finding the funds does cause me stress, and worry so when I am offered a bargain, who am I to say no.

I was at the feed store one day when we were discussing hay, now he has a million different types, and you can often find me in there, stroking and smelling different bales. Yes I am a little crazy, but there is nothing better than the smell of hay, well closely followed by melting Tar, but you get the idea.

The feed guy imports English hay, but it is really expensive, so I have to gaze at those bales from afar! On this occasion he asked me to come and look at his hay, as the Spanish wouldn't buy it due to something horrible being in the bales. He was making sound like there was some weird creature, or fungus in the bales, rambling on and on about it hurting people, and no one could go near the bales, and would I look to see what it was as I was foreign.

Of course being foreign meant I was an expert on all things weird in hay bales! But as soon as I got near I knew what the problem was, thistles, The bales were riddled with thistles, and of course the Spanish had no idea what they were. In their eyes the bales were bad, and this poor guy thought he was going to be left with a huge pile of hay he couldn't sell.

We begun negotiating, and the price got lower and lower, and just as we agreed the price my phone went off, dog disaster 101.... as I begun to walk off shouting ok over my shoulder, he asked how many I wanted, me being me, and not really listening shouted back "total" . Yep I had just agreed to take them all, not actually knowing what ALL meant.

A few days later the feed arrived, which is a huge task anyway, it all needs off loading, sorting and storing. Not a task for the weak, or faint hearted, but like with everything it is dig your heels in grit your teeth and get on with it. On the lorry was 125 bales of the "bad hay" not too bad I thought.

After over an hour of moving 125 bales of hay I cursed my decision to agree to take them as I was tired, hot, and a little scarred from thistles! I was just leaning on the wall admiring my neatly staked pile of hay, when I heard a lorry.

This was unusual, so off I went to the gates to see the feed lorry had returned, at this point my heart sank. FUCK...... he had more, and I mean a whole lorry load. I literally had no idea where he was going to put them, and no energy to move them, so I did what any normal person does, I told him to tip them out onto the middle of the property.

After this decision was made I knew it was stupid, but a bit like agreeing to buy them "ALL" it was done, and I had a huge pile of hay bales in the middle of the property

For three days I ignored the pile, people were commenting, and I simply went what hay, I cannot see it, therefore it does not exist. The reality was it needed moving.

All I can say is I love my builders, as they got the task of moving a further 278 bales of hay. Yes I did the pitiful, I am weak, I am a girl and I cannot do it line, but hey we all need that line at some point in our lives! Hay all moved, bargain achieved, I would love to say I will listen in the future, but I know it will happen again :)

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