Monday 14 January 2019

I Am No Steven Spielberg

Videoing has become the latest way to get people to interact with rescue pages, and for some it's a huge success, for me it makes me cringe. I keep trying to dip my toe into the world of video, but too be honest I hate it. I can see the benefits, I can see that some people love it, but simply put my video skills are shit.

When my student was here, she embraced the "live video" and would "go live" on FB at every opportunity. She was amazing at it, and the supporters response was great, everyone loved them, she didn't swear once, and her voice was normal.

Me, however, whenever I video my voice seems to hit a new level, to the point I think I could shatter glass. I actually have no idea where the hell the high pitch annoying voice comes from, maybe I am possessed, and this is the demon trying to escape.

So, I agreed to video the dogs, NEVER live video, the thought of that makes me have cold sweats. However, I thought videoing, what could go wrong, and OMG they are so bad. Everything I thought would be wrong with me videoing is in fact correct.

Firstly, I move a lot, and I forget I'm videoing, so when I move to see what the dogs are doing the phone, obviously spins round with me. It is like watching something on constant fast forward. There is also the silence, because in my mind silence is better than me swearing constantly, in the high pitch demonic voice reserved for video moments.

However, the silence sort of makes the video creepy, like some weird stalker videoing dogs. Then there is the epic moment when I think I will do something nice, like a kick a ball for the dogs, and my football kicking skills are nearly as good as my video skills, so of course this is going to end badly! Kicks ball..... misses dogs head by millimeters... scares the crap out of other dogs... ends video.

The response on the whole is good from my awful videos, but there are also some stupid comments (arent there always) Like people asking how I control the dogs as I "keep them all loose" , or the typical "oh my god do these dogs need rescuing, look at the state of where they live"

So, against my better judgement I will continue with the bad videos, for the dogs as people do like to see them. Hopefully in time my skills will improve, the haters will hate, and the idiots will comment, but hey that is animal rescue!

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