Friday 7 December 2018

Time to Reflect.....

This time of year is hard (all year is hard) but this time of year feels tougher, there are so many dogs being dumped, and very few donations. People are not rehoming, or donating due to the big C being just round the corner. I understand 100% but that doesn't make it any easier.

The dogs I have in the kennels I now know will be here until the new year, they will spend their Christmas in a kennel, not in a home being loved. All I can hope for is that they get reserved, and can begin their journey as soon as possible. At this time of year I begin to look back on the year, and reflect.

For me I need to focus on the good, as there is so much bad in what I do, I see the worst, the most evil, and the extreme. I see dogs that are starved and beaten, left to die, let down by humans time and time again. Although I cannot save them all, and I loose some along the way, there are some that fight for their right to be here.

Murtle my little mole rat is one that has stamped her place on the world, and stated she has a right to be safe, loved, and in a home. She has improved beyond belief, from the hairless, scabby, infected mess that was handed to me, to a stunning, beautiful dog who needs a home.

Murtle is now up for adoption, and will thrive in the perfect home, she loves toys, and balls, and playing, and although wary of people, she will come around. Her transformation is incredible, and although everyone keeps telling me this was due to me, in fact it was due to the people who donated. Without those funds she could not have received the treatment she needed.

This is why donations are vital to give dogs like Murtle a chance, to ensure these dogs get the medical attention they need. So although it is harder with all those mince pies to buy, but please keep the dogs in your mind, and remember together we can save more lives.

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