Thursday 29 November 2018

Who The Daddy!

We have a Pygmy goat, called Mrs B (named because she is stubborn, and slightly overweight) she has lived her for over three years, with no other pygmy's. Although we have the mountain goats, nothing has ever occurred, and to be honest, I didn't realize it could, until the other day.

The other day I noticed that Mrs B was larger than usual, In fact she was huge, but I shrugged it off as too much food, and not enough exercise, story of my life too! Every day she seems to expand, and them I noticed she was producing milk.... OH GOD!

This could mean only only thing she was pregnant, but how, we had no other Pgymys, Horns had only just moved in, and goats are pregnant for five months, meaning the timeline just wasn't possible.  Surely the huge mountain goats, could not have got their wicked way with Mrs B.

Discussions were had with vets, and it seems that yes goats of all breeds can get it on, which then posed the question how the hell was she going to birth a much larger animal. Whilst debating the problems, possibilities, and repeating oh fuck a lot, Mrs B took it upon herself to show me that she was made of tough stuff, and on returning from the vets one day..... Billy had made an appearance....

So, one more mouth to feed, and OMG how small is this goat, I dont think you fully understand how small until you meet him. Regardless of who the daddy is, he is very cute..... and I am grateful that Mrs B took it all in her stride, and is not back to just being fat rather than HUGE

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  1. He is very cute! It will be very interesting if you are able to find Daddy, maybe he will visit