Saturday 18 November 2017

Only Me!

Why can one simple road trip to transport dogs not go simply and smoothly, only I can end up with  a loose kitten in the car on route to another island. So, we pull up to the ferry, on time, not stressed, not having to reserve on the back on the ferry as it is leaving, which is a miracle in itself. We park in the lane, and just as I say to fatty "go get me a coffee" we heard it....

There was a cat crying, REALLY crying, I sat there, and sat there, and then I had to go look. Sure enough coming from a parked car on the harbor wall, was the distinctive cry of "GET ME OUT OF HERE" A kitten had gone and got itself stuck in a car engine, oh joy! There was a crowd gathering, doing what the Spanish do... NOTHING!

They were debating, and pondering, and discussing, so fatty tried to get under the car, which obviously was not happening. This left it to me to crawl under the car for a look, and sure enough there it was a kitten by the wheel arch. At that point, the ferry pulled in, it was a now or never moment, as I couldn't miss the ferry, but I couldn't leave the kitten.

Thankfully fatty thinks like me, and she knew what I needed to do, we bent the inside panel of the wheel arch..... (sorry Mr car owner, but needs must) and I stuck my arm up inside the engine, and voile found the kitten. In typical kitten style, it moved, and wriggled, but once I had hold of its head, I wasn't letting go. (sorry kitten, but needs must)

Out came the kitten, and crawled inside my jumper, the Spanish were delighted, at THEIR rescue, and proudly, congratulated, each other. Whatever, I had a ferry to catch...... a man did ask what I was going to do with it now, Errr hello it was coming with us, what else was I supposed to do.

So, me fatty, some transport boxes, and some dogs, were on our way, and yes the kitten spent the day in the car, eating, drinking, and thinking " this is why my mummy told me not to wander off"

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