Sunday, 26 November 2017

Do Some Research!

The internet has given us the ability to connect with people all over the world, this can be a good thing, it cam also be disastrous. The dog posts are shared, and shared again, which is great, it means that more people are likely to see them, and potentially adopt.

Now maybe it is just me, but if a post pops up on my FB wall, and I am interested I read it in full, see where the person who wrote it is from, and gather all of the information. I know that I am not in the majority for doing this, as so many people comment on a post they have seen shared, with stupid questions.

So, they see a dog that has come from Pet Pals GC..... do they go on the page look around, see what we do, read the about section..... nope, they write... " where are you" now I am so tempted to write.... "sat on my sofa... you?" Another stupid question I get asked over and over.... "how old is the dog" Well if you read the first line it states name, sex and age in CAPITAL letters.

When did we become so lazy that we cannot be bothered to look around a page, to read what the charity does, these people are supposedly wanting to adopt a dog, you would think they would want some more information about the charity. The thing is I consider my page to be easy to navigate, yet still I have people asking me stupid questions.

A woman the other day told me I was hostile, as I did not write a full blown essay regarding her stupid question, and she backed it up with the usual... I will delete you then.... OK, keep walking, and close the door on your way out. If you cannot spend a small amount of time looking at what we do and why, then you don't deserve to adopt one of my dogs.

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