Monday 20 November 2017

Losing Fosters

This week has been hard as I have lost two of my foster mums from the UK team, and no I didn't kill them or scare them away... life simply got in the way. I consider my team in the UK to be a huge part of what we do, and they change so many dogs lives, that when they decide to stop it is hard. I fully understand and appreciate why some have to stop fostering, but that doesn't stop me going "oh fuck"

Fostering takes a special type of person, and finding good foster mums that fit in with our team and style is hard. You not only have unique dogs to find homes for, but you have to deal with me, which can be tough.


This is why when we have people that fit in, and put up with me, they are like unicorns,....... existing but very rare!

So, we have a gap at the moment, and I need to find other foster mums, which will mean that every idiot and their second cousin first removed will message. Hopefully in with the idiots I will find some great people, as the foster homes that have stopped fostering are fantastic at what they do, and those are big shoes to fill.

As always these guys know they can return at anytime, and I will welcome them back with open arms, stinky dogs, and my usual wit and sarcasm. For me it is not a goodbye, but a see you next year when life fucks off and allows you to foster again.

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