Thursday 30 November 2017

Arguing With Idiots!

I have had days and days of idiots, they are everywhere, they are on my page, in my inbox, and even sending me voice notes. Come on people give it a rest you are exhausting, all I want to do is rescue, not get into a huge drama. Some of these people are relentless, they go on and on and on, and no matter how many times, I say please go away they keep on.

Sadly a few of them are supposed to be in the rescue world, but I want to know where the hell they get the time, to sit type and argue. I hardly get time to remember to change my clothes, or brush my hair. They start from early hours, right through to late night, repeating the same things over and over, even when you tell them you DO NOT CARE, they still continue.

I actually said "ok, have a nice day" to one, and she then posted a screenshot calling me a liar! Am I in a different universe to these people, are they seeing something different. Im at the pound, and they message, I'm in the car and they message, I'm at the vet with sick dogs and bloody hell they message. Come on people give it a bloody rest.

They scream, name and shame all day long, post evidence, tell us your side, and again I repeat, not my monkey not my drama, and they continue. So now for my own inner peace, I am ignoring, it is easier than answering, easier than caring. Simply arguing with idiots is just not worth it.....

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