Saturday, 5 August 2017

Returning Dogs!

It has been one of those weeks, where my inbox has been lit up with "I'm sorry I don't want the dog anymore"  A few of them were expected, and others were real shocks, and sorry I don't react well to these. Don't get me wrong, we want the homes to be right for both owner and dog, but sometimes, I just want to slap the owners.

I have heard every excuse, every sob story as to why they feel they should just give up on the dog that they told me they would love, and never dump again. Often when I don't give them soppy messages telling them I understand, (because I don't) they moan and say I'm being unreasonable! We will always take our dogs back, but not with a smile.

The problem is, I don't want to look into the dogs eyes when it realizes that it has been dumped again,

I don't want to have to sit on the floor explaining that they did nothing wrong. Seeing the look of fear, and dread that they are back. I am the one that has to watch that dog looking for their new owner, the one that bought it the comfy bed, the new toys, and gave it a taste of happiness.

Therefore, you will NEVER get a good reception off me if you ask me to take the dog back. Now this may seem harsh, but I believe that every issue, or problem can be sorted, Every little behavioral problem has a solution. Sadly, far too many people are just not prepared to try.

Adopting a dog to me is a lifetime commitment, dogs are not robots or toys, they have thoughts, and feelings, and bad habits. There will be ups, and downs, and many challenges, but this is part of having a new family member. Why do people feel they can just give up? Why do they think it is ok to break that dogs heart, that is often very fragile in the beginning?

So, we are left to pick up the pieces, to mend the broken heart again, and start the search again for their new home. All I can do is sit and say sorry, and promise them I will find them someone who really does care,


  1. I just can't believe people do this. I have two ASBO dogs who are rescued when no one else would. They are hard work, nervous aggressive, scared of everything and everyone so people get scared. To me they agree beautiful vulnerable souls who have been let down tragically by people. Would my life be easier without them? Absolutely. Do I want that for one second? No. I love every hair on them, all their quirks and difficulties. They are the most Lovering, loyal and beautiful companions I could have. I completely agree with your blog today. It is better to make no commitment than just not trying.