Monday 28 August 2017

Milo- Poundie Number 1

When I started my journey I had no idea where it was going, I simply knew I wanted to help. I started out like many wanting to save the world, but soon realized after much heart ache this was never going to be the case. I wanted to do more than take in the hand ins, the dogs that people simply couldn't be bothered to take back to the UK.

I wanted to help animals that no one else would, the animals that were "un adoptable" in the world. The ones that had no chance, no kerb appeal and turn them into animals that people would go wow! I also believed there had to be more people like me in the world, who could see past the flaws, and love the animal for who they were.

So, I found myself at the biggest pound on the island, not sure what I was expecting, but knowing there must be dogs that needed saving, and sadly I was right. As I wandered past rows and rows of pleading eyes, a dog caught my attention.

Milo as he was soon to be named was dirty and matted, and stank, but friendly, and was the reason I was there. He launched our SAL (save a life) project, and proudly became poundie number 1

Milo became the reason we did this, and stole so many hearts as he battled filaria, but proved he was a fighter. We spent hour cutting the knots from his infected and sore skin, and he sat so patiently, knowing we were trying to help.
Milo had a way to charm people, even people that preferred larger dogs, loved Milo, he was quirky, and funny, and he was certainly our number 1 

Ready to leave us Milo went up for adoption and he found an amazing home in the UK, we receive regular updates, and when I look at his happy face, I remember why I do this. EVERY dog deserves a chance, and there is a home for every dog, you just have to search a little harder with some. 

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