Saturday, 12 August 2017

Icing On The Cake!

The other day it was a shit, awful day, it started with the vet calling and telling me that Jnr had not been strong enough, and had sadly died. I arranged to collect him later that day, and from that moment one thing after another happened. Nothing major, just many small issues, and many annoying people.

I finally managed to escape, and drove down to the vets, where there was basic small talk, and then I left with Jnr in a bin bag. Yep nothing dignified when you die in the vets, sadly this is how dead animals are transported. You have to remember that they are not supposed to hand back dead animals, and secondly, he had been sat in the cold room all day, so I didn't need to see what he looked like.

On the drive home, I pondered life, love and the universe, which I do often in my car, praying I did not have to speak to another retard today. I simply did not have the mental energy to deal with anymore idiots.

As I was nearly home, I saw the road block, with a bunch of Guardia, now this is normal here, and routine stops do not bother me, but REALLY not today, I didn't need it. As I pulled the car over, I just hoped it would be a quick "Hi and bye"

All paperwork checked, no problems there, he glanced on the back seat, and asked what was in the bag. At this point, I honestly didn't care about speaking Spanish, so quite bluntly said "dead cat"

The Guardia opened the door, and stared at the bag, then back to me, then back to the bag. Slowly he repeated "dead cat" "yep" I replied, I didnt want to engage in a long conversation, and I think my face must have shown this. Then he poked the bag, no idea what he was expecting to happen, as it really was dead.

There was a really long pause, as he stood starring at the bag, then he looked up and said " can you open the bag"  At this point, I had enough, I turned and said " that's my dead cat, its been sat in the vets all day decomposing, by now most of its bodily fluids would be in that bag, You want to open it and take a nice deep breath, carry on, but I'm not"

I think he realized that my face said it all, and that this was the icing on the cake for my shit day, and he said I could go. I took my cat home, dug a hole, shed some tears and buried him, someone once told me animal rescue was fun, If I could get hold of that person today I would slap them senseless.

RIP Jnr <3

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