Tuesday 15 August 2017

Treat It Like Your Own!

I love my car, and she is a huge part of what we do (yes I refer to my car as a she) and when she goes to the car doctor, it is stressful. Not only do I worry about what she is likely to have wrong with her, but also the cost, and the stress of having to hire a car. I have two requirements when I hire a car, cheap, and can I fit dogs in it.

I hired one recently, and on the dashboard was a sticker that stated the "rules" so usual:

No excess amounts of sand
No smoking
No eating and drinking
No wet people
and lastly....... please treat the car like it was your own..... OMG what had they opened themselves up to.

This meant I could use the car as I would on a daily basis, so off I went to get goat food, followed by the vets/ Over the next few days the car was used daily, for different "normal" tasks by me, I did try and cover seats before putting animals in the car, but covers move.  My car was fixed, and it was time to return the car, I made sure it had the "right" amount of petrol, and strolled into the office.

The usual inspection then has to take place, which is boring, and they usually always find a tiny scratch, however, today he found a back seat of dog hair, and a car covered in duck shit. In my defense his sticker didnt say No dogs..... the duck shit was more extreme, and they had certainly decorated the car well.

The look on his face was priceless, as he asked where the hell I had taken the car, he pointed to the roof, and made spluttering sounds, I innocently said "oh the ducks must have been sat on the roof" He then begun to rant, I will never understand people, he was shouting that hire cars are not for ducks, I agreed with him smiling and said "of course not they wouldn't be able to reach the pedals"

After a 10 minute rant, and the threat of a 50€ fine, I found myself at the local garage cleaning duck shit off the roof. As I grumbled away I could not see the issue, had he never had a car returned with duck poo on the roof, well in his defense he probably hasn't, but that is not the point.  All I had done was abide by his sticker. I returned the car, and made a quick exit before he discovered the dog vomit down the back of the seats.

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