Saturday 19 August 2017

Its Not a School Playground!

Something that really gets on my nerves in animal rescue is the pathetic squabbling, the he says she says behind each others backs. Come on people we are all adults, this isn't primary school, and the telling tales is boring. I get messaged all day, and when it is messages whinging, and bitching I really cannot be bothered.

Don't get me wrong I love to rant about bad rescues, but when they give me a good reason, not just for the sake of it, and never whine like a 5 year old. I also will say it to their faces, and do not ever write, or say anything that I wouldn't say to their faces. The people that message me to whinge about someone else annoy the fuck out of me, and yesterday I told a few people to grow up.

Most of these people have no idea what is involved with animal rescue, they are sat at home, bitching and writing to me... like "miss miss she pulled my hair" "miss miss she did it first"

Come on people, GROW UP!

I'm sat looking at starved dogs, trying to work out how to pay my massive vets bills, and you are all fighting about the most pathetic things. if you do not want to work together then don't.

If you have a real issue with the way people are running rescues, or raising funds, then speak to them, as I actually don't care less unless they upset me, or harm the animals.

Sadly this is something that far too many people in animal rescue spend their time doing, just think people if you spent more time rescuing, than bitching, how much you could achieve.

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