Thursday 24 August 2017

Bottle Feeding Lambs

Lambs and sheep were things I knew nothing about, and then like buses a few came along at once. Chops we were given with Donkey, and I had to bottle feed him, which was a huge learning curve, and soon I had a little shadow that was demanding, but rather cute.

Chops soon grew, and just as I had him onto solids, a volunteer found another lamb whilst walking her dogs. A frantic phone call later, and I had yet another demanding lamb to feed.

Harry again was very good, and soon grew out of the bottles, thank god, and just as I had put them away another call came.... same volunteer same desperate.. "I found a lamb" 

Come on people do I look like a shepherd. So, little legs was here, bottle in mouth following me around....

 Three rams all wanting attention, lucky me NOT .... strangely it is the bottle fed ones that cause the issues. The lamb that was born here from the infertile sheep! (dont ask) ignores me and doesn't try to kill people, however, the bottle fed ones want to cause pain! 

Thankfully we have had no more sheep calls for a while, as a property full of rams is not what I need. However, like all of the animals they are part of our dysfunctional family, and we love them. 

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