Wednesday, 16 August 2017

They Grow!

When I was a child, I understood the basics of animals growing up, that one day the small cute fluffy animal would be large. However, people today seem to have been born without this small common sense gene. As the amount of people that get small, cute baby animals, and when they are fully grown, they stare in disbelief, and say " I didnt know it was going to grow that big"

I often get calls when the animals have grown, when the ducks are no longer cute and fluffy, and are shitting all over their house, or the little yellow chick they were told was a chicken, is now in fact a rooster. I also get the calls when the small, adorable baby goats that they thought were cute and funny, are now 40KG and living on their balconies.

Yes that is how we got our two larger goats because some muppet bought them, thought they were "adorable" kept them on her terrace, and then they grew. Why does this come as such a shock to people, there are NO miniature animals, they are simply babies. So the call came, and off we went to collect the goats.

Now, people are often amused how I transport goats, but they are in fact very good travelers, so in the boot of my car is perfectly suited. Just have to watch the horns on the back glass, but apart from that, goats in the boot are calm, and as long as I dont get stopped by the Policia, all is good.
I have given up lecturing the people that were too stupid in the first place, I dont want to waste valuable oxygen on them as if they have to be told it wasnt a good idea then they really are stupid. 

So, two more mouths to feed... or maybe more, as no one knew what was happily growing inside our Mama 

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